Are you any of the following?

-self employed/ working from home

-an early stage start-up business/entreprenuer

-mobile worker for a small to medium business


If you fit under any of the above descriptions; there is a high possibility that coworking is the solution you never knew about.

Coworking can provide you with a virtual office to successfully run your business and foster innovation. Coworking is more than a place to work; its a place to boost workplace efficiency, drive results and become a part of a wider community.


Why choose Coworking?

-Improve your productivity

 There is no denying that working from home comes with many distractions, avenues for procrastination and a tendency for a lack in motivation. Working from a fully furnished office space can put you in the right direction to improving your overall productivity by creating a real sense of a professional, 'results driven' workplace environment.

-Networking, Networking...Networking!

Coworking gives you the opportunity to converse and share ideas with like-minded business individuals. The watering hole, the playground, or even the infamous water cooler scenario; it doesn't matter which way you view it; operating from a coworking hub allows you to become a part of a wider community where you can build networks to help grow your ideas. Co-working spaces tend to attract a wide variety of people from all different sorts of backgrounds and fields. You can guarantee that if there’s some part of your business that you’re having trouble with and need help on, the person next to you might have the solution. 

The beauty of this concept is that there is no obligation to network; its simple, if you are more of an introvert you can remain in your office and do your own thing. Research however; has found that most people prefer to communicate with one another and share ideas to create a sense of community.

-Its surprisingly affordable

The biggest restraint for individuals assesing their options is often the cost. If you conduct a simple cost/benefit analysis you'll soon realise that coworking is surprisingly very cost effective. It allows you to work in a high quality office or location which is otherwise beyond your budget. When you consider the services that are provided, the 24/7 access and most importantly the intangible rewards (network growth and opportunities for collaboration); it soon starts to look like an incredibly attractive option.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and embrace coworking for what it is so that you can reap all the benefits sooner rather than later. 

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