A word from our members...

Zachary Bailey, Operations Manager at James Anthony Consulting (Local software development firm)

"Operating our Software Development company, James Anthony Consulting at this well-positioned greenfield site right on the doorstep of the new Tonsley precinct provides convenient access to networking and staffing opportunities, both within CO-HAB and over at the Flinders University site."

"We moved into the CO-HAB in mid-2015. At that time, we were a 6-person firm, composed primarily of regular subcontractors brought in on a project-by-project basis. After learning more about the co-tenanted Innovyz program from CO-HAB staff, we met several program participants and immediately found overlapping business interests.These early conversations facilitated by the CO-HAB/Innovyz crew, and made comfortable in the modern CO-HAB meeting spaces, led to 2 major projects for us in 2015, and another in 2016 (totaling over $150,000). We have now grown to 4 permanent staff, have established a permanent sales and support office at CO-HAB, and regularly employ over 10 subcontractors."


Ron Van Buuren, Managing Director at Hydraco (Consulting Group)

HydraCo Consulting (P/L) is yet another start-up that was born from a collaboration between businesses operating out of the CO-HAB coworking space at the Tonsley Precinct. Prior to establishing its home base at the Innovyz ‘CO-HAB’ site, HydraCo had experienced, for over a year, what Adelaide has to offer in the innovation, entrepreneur and coworking sector. It became apparent for HydraCo to choose to operate from CO-HAB for the best potential in business alignment between government, private sector, innovation, entrepreneurship & education. 

Since joining the CO-HAB space, HydraCo has been invited to assist in 3 commercialisation projects, sit on 2 company boards, assist in capitalisation projects, be involved with the NVI (New Venture Institute), take part in the Business Mentors incentive and welcome the opportunity to work with fellow co-inhabitants at CO-HAB.

"We’ve been truly impressed with the offices spaces, meeting rooms, facilities, functions and services at CO-HAB and would be hard-pressed to find another like it. CO-HAB was a new age incubator for businesses, to collaborate towards innovative solutions in all facets of business, operations, modernisation and entrepreneurship in these challenging times."


John Stewart, Chief Executive Officer at Simulation Australasia (Peak body for the simulation industry)

Simulation Australasia were able to take full advantage of the dynamic and fluid entrepreneurial business cluster at CO-HAB.

"We recognised from day-one just how closely linked Simulation Australasia is with Innovyz. The collaborative nature of CO-HAB allows us to share insights, create relationships, nurture innovation and push beyond conventional thinking. The opportunity to engage with others actively working with a vision to change our society, build greater economic wealth and stability for our state and indeed our country is remarkable."


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