Since CO-HAB opened in April 2015, we have experienced growth beyond our expectations as more and more people discover our coworking space. The coworking movement is not only an alternative for independent workers, start-ups and small businesses, but also a proven and sustainable solution for entrepreneurs and freelancers looking to build a network and collaborate with like-minded people. As members in our space become familiar with coworking, they truly understand its value.

Every community has its own balance and culture, as a result of the blend of individuals and companies that populate the space. This alchemy rapidly becomes the identity of the space and its “brand” as a whole. While there are many coworking spaces in Adelaide, each and every one of them is unique, as the model cannot be easily replicated, not like a fast food chain or a serviced office. There is no precedent that depicts which direction coworking should and will move. The improvement of a space and the growth of the industry is inspired by community, collaboration and innovation. The collaborative nature of CO-HAB, and the community that it attracts, provides members with the opportunity to share insights, create relationships, nurture innovation and push beyond conventional thinking. The opportunity to engage with others actively working with a vision increases membership.

As a result, CO-HAB now has over 70 members working in more than 40 industries. Overall, there are more than 30 companies sharing the space. Our coworking space is a place where every interaction is an opportunity to form valuable personal and professional connections. The exchange of ideas, and resources across multiple industries fuels the already existing community and stimulates growth within individual businesses

“Early conversations facilitated by the CO-HAB/Innovyz crew, and made comfortable in the modern CO-HAB meeting spaces, led to 2 major projects for us in 2015, and another in 2016 (totalling over $150,000). We have now grown to 4 permanent staff, have established a permanent sales and support office at CO-HAB, and regularly employ over 10 subcontractors."

Zachary Bailey, member at CO-HAB.

Shared camaraderie and desire among the community to help, support and encourage each other has inspired business relationships, friendships, education and connectivity.

To explain coworking in a casual way:

Putting your pants on, taking your laptop, leaving your home-alone office and moving to a productive environment with Wi-Fi, coffee and refreshments where you can get motivated by people that get things done within a community that is friendly and supportive. There is something powerful about a network that is real, a network that truly supports and encourages. Teaching, learning, sharing. A place where a person’s ideas can grow. What we have found here at CO-HAB is that growth will not happen if a coworking space simply rents out desks and offices. Coworking spaces only grow when there is community.

At CO-HAB, we make sure that coworkers have freedom. The freedom to experiment, make mistakes, learn, develop, fail and find a way. Coworking is a tool like many things out there - a website, an app or a social media presence. Like any tool, it can be used incorrectly. Within the community at CO-HAB, we provide individuals and business with a tool that can help them maximise potential, reduce waste, pool resources, engage, collaborate, share and learn.

Working alone is the not the business of the 21st century. Entrepreneurs are looking for a place that is both stimulating and friendly. Indeed, a desk and internet is required to complete and take part in the mundane, every day activities of running a business. However, what you need next is advice, friends, networking and inspiration. With coworking, you find a community that provides all this and more.


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