7 Reason why coworking is perfect for startups and small businesses

Running a startup business is never an easy task for many entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of hard work, resources, time and creativity to nurture a start-up into an established business empire. As a startup entrepreneur, you stand to benefit a lot from a Coworking space. Coworking is a growing trend internationally and those who engage in it have gained immensely.

  1. Affordability

A shared office space makes more sense financially, as compared to renting an entire office block for your small company. A Coworking arrangement involves open desk seating where different companies are able to sit side by side with each other in a shared office space. This is the most economical way of owning an office space without breaking the bank, as it involves sharing the available utility costs. Apart from that, affordability is possible as resources such as security, Wi-Fi, cleaning, and stationary are shared.

  1. Flexibility

You are only required to pay rent for the time period you utilise the setting, unlike the norm with permanent office blocks. With such flexibility you can achieve your business set goals effortlessly. It provides you with many options such as short term leases, monthly leases, and yearly leases to make life easy for you.

  1. Scalability of size

Sometimes in business, the unexpected happens and you find yourself needing to work with a small number of employees. When things go well, you hire more workers depending on your company’s budget. A coworking space makes things much easier for startups – they are able to adjust their budgets accordingly. A coworking arrangement is designed to accommodate growth and company changes. The bottom-line - you can either move to a bigger or a smaller shared office as time moves on. It’s about your business and your budget.

  1. Beneficial events

Many reputable companies like CO-HAB, the Stretton Centre and ThatSpace offer a variety of networking and educational events, in partnership with local firms and councils.

  1. Resources

The beautiful thing about Coworking spaces is the abundance of meeting rooms, security, supportive staff and office equipment - a fully equipped space for your own convenience. Whatever you may need to grow your business is already provided for you in such arrangements. You can always have your normal office briefings with your employees and customers in privacy using any of the available meeting rooms. Many coworking companies invest in essential resources for the sake of their clients’ needs.

  1. Outstanding Networking Opportunities

Success in business comes to those who have remarkable networks and relationships. Being in a startup requires collaboration with established entrepreneurs and other professionals. A coworking space offers members with unique networking opportunities.

  1. Boosts productivity

Did you know that hanging around dedicated, ambitious, energetic and hardworking people can impact positively on your own productivity? Coworking can boost your productivity as you are surrounded by like-minded individuals looking to meet their set goals through a shared office space.

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