Working in a coworking space has numerous advantages and networking is one of the greatest. Expanding your network can add immense value to your business. It becomes extremely difficult to succeed as an entrepreneur without a good network. The wonderful thing about using a shared working space is that it opens doors to connect with other creative innovators and entrepreneurs among many others who can make a difference to your business.

Here are 9 tips to help you improve your network in coworking spaces:

Strike up conversations

One of the easiest ways of building your network is by learning how to strike up conversations and remain conversational with people in the same coworking space.

Attend events in your coworking space

The majority of coworking companies offer numerous networking events, friday night knock off drinks and in-house events. It is important to ensure that you attend as many of these. You can learn a lot from these events, while bonding with the diverse community in your coworking space.

Propose a work trade.

It is worth considering a work trade with other coworkers in your coworking space. Others in the coworking space become more aware of what you do. You may be surprised by how much this can boost your network as an entrepreneur.

Share knowledge with others.

You can easily build solid relationships with others through a coworking space. One of the best ways to achieve this is through offering to help others. It is worth sharing your unique expertise or skills with people in your coworking space. Ensure that you introduce yourself and your brand appropriately in this process. People who tend to share their knowledge and time with others benefit immensely.

Enjoy your meals in your coworking community area

While some people prefer to work through lunch, it is beneficial to join others in the set community area. Most members take advantage of tea and lunch breaks to step away from their work desks and computers.

Consider Hosting Events in Your own coworking Space

It pays off to hold events in your coworking space - it will certainly attract curious coworkers. Consider hosting your forthcoming workshop or exhibition in the community areas within. Many coworking companies are encouraging networking events as a way of boosting their clients' network. Speak to your local community manager, to advertise and share the event with others in the space.

Think of taking your network online

With social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp becoming an integral part of communication, it is imperative to focus on networking online. Consider finding out whether the people you meet in your coworking space are active online.

Consult your Community Manager

Most office leasing companies have community managers to ensure that things run smoothly. Consider taking advantage of this - to widen your network immeasurably. Your community manager may make some referrals or recommendations which can be valuable to your business.

Offer Valuable Promotional Materials

Offer valuable promotional materials to your clients and other professionals in your coworking space. This tactic works effectively, especially when you brand your company’s logo on promotional items such as mugs, pens, and notebooks within the shared spaces.


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