Coworking spaces have become the latest trend in the 21st Century business world. The good thing about coworking spaces is that they are incredible options for entrepreneurs and freelancers among others. They provide the right social environment for networking and collaboration. Finding a good coworking space with the right environment to energize your company should be easy since there are numerous high quality coworking spaces out there. So, when choosing your ideal coworking space, make sure that you keep the following in mind:

The Location

Just like in any other business, working from a location that is convenient, close to the CBD and full of opportunities is very important. An ideal coworking space will be located in a secure location with good infrastructure. It wouldn’t make any sense for you to opt for a location that is not convenient for your clients, visitors and staff. An effective coworking space should be accessible at any time of the day or night. Make the right decision to accomplish your business goals.

The Amenities

Every good coworking space should have the necessary amenities such as comfortable seats, unlimited coffee, printing and fast internet. Each coworking space comes with its unique amenities with some having more attractive packages as compared to others.

The Events

Top performing coworking spaces offer monthly or weekly networking and/or training events. The advantage of such shared working spaces is that they offer you endless opportunities to learn, connect with others or even market your brand. You might need to consider choosing a coworking space that offers numerous educational and networking opportunities for you and your staff.

The Price

Cash is king so why pay too much? It is important to weigh your options before making any commitments otherwise you may be surprised to find out that there are cheaper and/or better coworking spaces out there. You should, however, be extra careful when choosing a coworking space to avoid inconveniences afterward because price is not everything – when it comes to coworking, most members base their decision on the facilities, refreshments, internet and accessibility. Another important factor is the collaboration within the community and the comradery between members – simply ask the coworking manager what some of the most recent community success stories are. An ideal coworking space should be affordable and without hidden charges.

The Staff

Every coworking space comes with its own staff. It is extremely important to choose a coworking space with honest, polite, attentive, trustworthy and reliable staff who work on building a community and connecting people together.

The Community

Coworking spaces help in combating the loneliness of working remotely. However, the kind of people you share space with matters a lot. A social environment open to collaboration where members get things done can impact positively on your productivity. On the other hand, a noisy and overly social environment can impact negatively on your productivity. Ask the coworking manager about the members that have joined the space, the industries they operate in. Try and get an idea of the member base at the space. Ask for a trial – most coworking spaces offer free day trials.  

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