Shared working spaces are ideal for home-based business people, independent contractors, consultants, freelancers and many others. Nowadays, it is easy to find a coworking space with professionally trained staff, meeting rooms, internet and free coffee.

Coworking spaces are lower in costs than the usual office rental arrangement. The best decision you can make for your already established or Startup Company is to look for an affordable coworking space. By selecting the right coworking space, you will end up spending less than you would on a solo office elsewhere. You don’t need to buy your own office equipment or supplies such as fax machines, copiers/scanners, staplers etc. In a coworking space, resources are shared.

Coworking spaces encourage creative solutions and ideas. While it may take an extensive amount of time to come up with apt solutions in a private office, a coworking space offers you the right environment to think creatively. It enhances your creative thinking in an effective and convenient way. You find great solutions by collaborating with other entrepreneurs within your coworking space. However, your success is dependent on how you relate and communicate with others. Reaching out to more experienced entrepreneurs for advice may help you get practical suggestions or creative solutions effortlessly without having to brainstorm them by yourself.

Most coworking spaces have a unique community culture – everyone wants to help, whether its making a coffee or finding a business partnership. Joining a coworking space may save you from being struck by the downright loneliness that comes with working from home. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, it is important to embrace a community spirit. Advice and support is just around the corner from where you are sitting.

As individuals, we are the combined average of the top five people we spend time with. Why not spend time with like-minded, successful and passionate businesses? To be a successful entrepreneur, it is important to hang around like-minded people. Working in a collaborative environment enables you to find and connect with numerous people with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Coworking spaces boost productivity. It reduces all those plentiful not-so-obvious distractions that may negatively affect your productivity such as family obligations, frequent visits to the refrigerator, too much sleeping, procrastinating, unnecessary phone calls, too much TV, unnecessary activities, working too much, kids, dogs, cats and the list goes on. Being surrounded by ambitious business minded people will certainly boost your productivity. To achieve all your business goals within the shortest time possible, it is imperative to find a distraction free environment to work from.

Instead of asking “why should I join?”

The real question is “when should I join?”

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